Foyer le Pont
86, rue de Gergovie
75014 Paris

Fon: +33 1 45 42 51 21


For all those who want to come this winter or spring to Paris, we still have some rooms left:





Other equipement

Our five-storey building is equipped with a lift that travels on all floors.

The common room "Yo Ludwig" on the fourth floor of the house can always be used by our guests (unless groups have rented this room for the day). The room has a cupboard with glasses and in the hall, you will find a refrigerator with non-alcoholic drinks.

The Foyer le Pont also has a small garden courtyard and a roof terrace, which are both available to our guests. Especially during summer time, our guests like to use these places to enjoy the evening with a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

-Free WiFi for our guests-


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