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86, rue de Gergovie
75014 Paris

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Dear guests, dear friends of the Foyer,

we hope you all got through these past months well and healthy! We are very happy to announce that the Foyer le Pont has reopen on June 22nd and that we are ready to welcome you in the Foyer with masks, a hydroalcoholic solution and distance rules.

Your reservations, we are happy to accept by email at: 

In anticipation of a reunion in Paris

Your Foyer le Pont team


Place of encounter and dialogue

The meeting centre of Protestant Churches in Europe aims for presenting a bridge (according to its name "Foyer le Pont”; le pont = the bridge) and creating connections between the believer of the European Protestant churches.
As a place of encounter and dialogue in the district of Montparnasse in the south of the Seine, the Foyer le Pont offers the opportunity for communities and religious groups to encounter and to exchange the spirit of European Protestantism. The subject of the evolving Europe and the question of the role of the churches within this development are very important. We always keep in mind Manfred Kock’s speech for the inauguration of the Foyer le Pont as a meeting centre in February 1998: "In the community of our churches, we have to create spaces in which people of Europe can encounter, exchange and share their visions and skills and contribute to give Europe ‘a heart and soul', as formulated once by the European president Jacques Delors."

The second important field of work is that the Foyer le Pont wants its guests from churches within and outside Europe to learn more about French Protestantism and offers groups the historic city walk "Paris Protestant".

Of course, we also offer groups and individuals without specific Protestant background a place to stay, for example school groups or groups in adult education. We are a Protestant house but open-minded and we do not ask our guests about their nationality or religion. It is important for us that we can offer all our guests a pleasant and inexpensive stay in Paris.


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