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Advent Greetings

Adventsgrüße aus der indonesischen Partnerkirche Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) sendet die Partnerschaftsbeauftragte Pfarrerin Debora Sinaga. Die HKBP ist mit drei Millionen Mitgliedern die größte südostasiatische protestantische Kirche.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus!             

We often forget that we are now already in Advent season. This can be happen just because we are too busy with our work. There have been a lot of assignment to be fulfilled before end of this years, etc. We work hard again and again in order to reach the goal. We forget that we cannot do it all without Christ Jesus who has shown His readiness to take over our heavy load.             

Yes, we are now in the Advent Season. Advent reminds us of God’s abundant grace that had given Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Redeemer in order us to have an eternal life.              

On our way from Tarutung to Medan, we found in between 500 meters so many new mosques being built while Christians find difficult to get permit to built new church although formally asked permitting from the authority. Some Christians even was attacked by unknown during the worship service in church and in tents for those who cannot get permit to build the church. Some died, and some injury because of that incidents.               

When we reach Porsea, we smell of bad odor that from day to day life getting stronger and stronger. That smell came from PT Toba Pulp Lestary where the people living around that company affected by the waste that cause many paddy field damaged, many animals died, water pollution, etc. Although people were struggled to fight their right for healthy environment that cause some of them died and were jailed, at the end the company failed to close and continue existed there.                  

We finally arrived at orphan house Panti Asuhan Tanjung Morawa that was built by the help of our sisters and brothers in one of the big company in An der Agger Disrict with the so call “Energy” and from District An der Agger. We were welcome by five children from Nias, who lost their parents, sisters and brothers during tsunami who become the residence of this house. They are bright children filled with various talents of music, singing, make poem, sports, etc. They are the future of the church and the nation that need our attention. Thus, Advent reminds us of Tsunami Aceh and Nias that was happened in December 2004 that cost many people died. Children lost their parents. Parents lost their children. Many people lost the only their livelihood and even all the property and saving that they had collect over many years only in few second.               

In the central city of Medan, we found the number of street children is increased. During the traffic jump, when the car stopped, those children come closer to the car and clean the car, sing with simple music in order to earn money for their survival. Children that supposedly going to school and play with other children with happiness but have to experience the strange and difficult life because their parents asked them to earn money than going to school and finally they left the house to find their life by their own.               

We turned our journey to District Dairi, then we met many people especially children and women struggle by the present of mining company that in future make their field dry and cannot grow anything. Thus, people soon or late will lost their only livelihood from agriculture.                            

We then went to Samosir Island where located within Toba Lake. We found the forest bold without plants because burned by unknown people. When the rain comes, the possibility of land slice, flood and erosion can be happen.                 

Now, as we look back to the experience of women in church and society. We are sad of finding many women in church and society cannot stand firm anymore and look down at their selves because they finally label them as less value women. Women without dignity. They are powerless women. They cannot value themselves anymore as created in the image of God because even though they have voice out their rights towards violence that had happened to them very often. But no one care for them. No one listen to their crying. The church even blames them as dirty women that cannot protect themselves from any temptation of men.                 

The number of HIV/Aids victims is increased all over the world. Many of them died. The number of the unemployment and dropt out school are increased due to the economic difficulty of the country around the world. Various catastrophes that caused many people died, lost their livelihood and lost their property continue happen this year.                  

Despite of all difficulties, we cannot count how much God has bless us with good things in our lives therefore we could still greet one another in this Advent Season. We should witness that we could stand firm and keep in contact to you up to present just because your continuous support by prayer. Your continuing support to the HKBP Partners have made them able to implement their projects this year. We do hope that through Partnership Sunday which we celebrate every year made our faith in God growing even in the midst of difficulties. We do believe that the word of God in Zechariah 9:9 still powerful and relevant for us. It says “Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your King comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of donkey.”                    

In this Advent Season, although we feel useless, powerless because we feel that everything which we had done was failed and not bear any good fruit but we still have a hope that the righteous of God continue to guide us to help others in order that they can find peace and justice.                           

Have a blessed Advent and Christmas and also in the coming year 2008.
Yours Sincerely,




Pearaja Tarutung /

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